Web Applications


A recipe management and recommendation app written using Ruby on Rails and AngularJS. Created with a team of four using an Agile development approach and test coverage. Github Heroku


A Facebook clone, built with Ruby on Rails as a solo project for Viking Code School. Built as we learned new technologies. Github Heroku


A Trello-like task management app, written in AngularJS and Ruby on Rails. Github Heroku


A historical stock simulator written in AngularJS. You can pick stocks on a date and see how they would have done during the following weeks and months. Github Heroku


A group project for Viking Code School. We made a Pokémon-themed quiz app complete with a dashboard to compare quiz scores! Github Heroku


A group project for Viking Code School. We made a Star-Wars-themed pseudo-dating app which matches users with characters! Github

Android Applications

Bouncing Ions Live Wallpaper

My first Android App, available on the Play Store. Play Store

JavaScript Games

Viking Snake

Snake was a jQuery practice project for Viking Code School. The "snake" is actually a fleet of Viking ships made from the VCS logo. Collect the treasure and don't collide with your own ships! Github Demo

Seafarers Map Maker, JavaScript MVC

I've experimented with a map randomizer for generating map ideas for the awesome Seafarers expansion to the board game Catan. Please note that I am in no way affiliated with anyone who makes the game. It is just a tool to help create random maps. This version uses a custom MVC architecture and jQuery. See below for another version. Github Demo

Seafarers Map Maker, HTML5/JavaScript canvas

Same as above, different implementation. Github